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About 6 weeks ago I had pain in the lower part of my left breast. I thought maybe a cyst had burst. I was about 5 days from starting my period so I decided that I would wait and see if it went away when my period did. My understanding is that cysts get worse depending on your cycle due to hormone levels. I am not a Dr but that is my understanding. Befor my period was over I noticed the tissue on the inside of my breast was thick and heavy. It was not against the chest wall but more in the milk duct area. I called my Dr to ask if he could send me for a mammogram (my last well women check up, first one with this Dr, he didn't seem comfortable and just asked if I did self exams and never actually checked. I know I probably need to find a new Dr). During the 2 weeks I was waiting the tissue went from just feeling thick to feeling more like a lump with well defined edges. No pain, no swelling, no redness. By the time I went in for my mammogram it was about as big around as a golf ball only wider. The mammogram and ultra sound showed nothing but the lady that did my mammogram felt it so she could put on the sticker and the ultrasound tech felt it while she was doing the ultrasound so I know it's not in my head. I have a feeling my Dr won't willingly do anything to help me he is more of a 'send you to anyone else to figure it out' type Dr. He has given me more referrals then prescription and suggestions put together. What she i ask him to do without referring me out? What tests can he do? Who should he be sending me to if anybody? I know I need to find someone new but in the mean time I have to work with him. What questions should I ask or concerns should I have? I know this isn't exactly a breast cancer question but I didn't know who else to ask.

I agree with your understanding. Pain is rarely a sign of anything dangerous in a breast. If neither mammography nor ultrasound scans could show anything alarming the risk of anything dangerous in your breast is even smaller. However if you can feel this mass or whatever it is it should be checked even more. That can be done in 2 ways. 1. You can have an MRI breast scan. DEMAND that! No discussion! 2. At least a needle biopsy of the "mass"! I do not know if that is available where you are. If not have a surgical biopsy instead! A biopsy is NECESSARY to know precisely what this is! So DEMAND a biopsy too! So no questions just demands! Good luck!

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