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My mother is 72 years old. For the past couple of years, she has battled breast cancer. Thus far, she has seen a general practitioner, who diagnosed her with breast cancer in an advanced stage. My mother has a large tumor, and most of her left breast has been eaten away by the cancer. It is most probable that the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes. She has chosen not to seek any treatment, except for wound care, as she has a large open wound. The wound care seems to be improving the drainage and odor of the wound. Her oxygen level, blood pressure, heart rate and temperature are normal.

My question is, what might be the result of continued wound care? Also, if she should change her mind concerning treatment, could such treatment be beneficial at this stage? Finally, if she does nothing more than wound care, could you give me a ball park estimate, based on your experience, as to her life expectancy?

Thank you.

Well I have seen some similar cases in the past. Of course your mother has the right to make any decision she may desire concerning herself. At the same time I have to admit that I consider her decision on this point ill advised. The reasons for that I think will be quite evident in the rest of my answer. The result of just continued wound care will be her death and a rather miserable one on top of that. Yes I am frank, even blunt here but a straight question demands a straight answer.And the situation is too serious for sugar coating. With regards to other treatment it is impossible to answer that without a thorough examination. But the chances of any kind of success or even any benefit at all will get slimmer the longer this goes on. With just wound care her cancer will continue to grow - in all directions, even those you can not observe - and its possibilities of spreading, to lymph nodes AND to other more distant sites, will also increase.So I do suggest that you have a serious talk with your mother and with her doctor. The sooner the better! At the moment and without more information it is impossible to estimate how long she may live. But that this condition is a serous threat to her life is clear and evident.

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