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Report  - Both Breasts
Report - Both Breasts  
QUESTION: Hi Doctor,
I had a mammography and ultrasound of both breast in 02-Dec-2013. I went to my gyno because of some breast discomfort and because i noticed a palpable lump in my left armpit and also a thick area on the left breast (9 0'clock position).
Though both the radiologist and my gyno has reassured me i would like your valuable  opinion on the same. Should i go in for a FNAC or follow-ups after a month or so. I really don’t want to wait for 3 months and keep speculating. Should I also get a FNAC  the armpit palpable node?
Can you have a look at my report and tell me what you feel the chances of malignancy are ?
Some background info:
I am 36 years old with a  9 year old daughter. I have a family history of breast cancer.
My mother's mother - at age 61 (1980s I think) - mastectomy and radiation done - no reoccurrence but died at 64 due to heart attack.
My mother - at age 60 (2009) - mastectomy and 4 round chemo - she is doing fine now.
My mother's sister - at age 55 (2013) - mastectomy and 6 round chemo -currently undergoing treatment.
Because of this i am really paranoid. Kindly  help.

Early awaiting your inputs
Thanks in advance

ANSWER: Unfortunately for some reason I have difficulties in reading your report. The text is too small and refuses to be magnified. With this family history you SHOULD have a FNAC both of any breast lesion and of the palpable mass in your left arm pit. Please let me know how it goes! Good luck!

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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear Doctor,

Thank you doctor for your inputs. I am pasting the report wordings here for your review. Kindly let me know your impression and your esteemed view on probability of the presence of any malignancy.

Note: Just a point. Some 9 years back, i had intraductal pappiloma in the left breast at 9 o'clock position which was surgerically removed. It was sent for biopsy and found to be benign.

<<Report START>>

•   Both breasts show scattered fibro glandular densities.
•   Opacities with regular margins are seen in the left breasts in the inner quadrant , 3 in number. Another opacity is seen in the retro areolar region with mild irregularity of margins. However, the margins are well defined. An opacity suggestive of lymph node is seen in the right breast in the upper outer quadrant.
•   Three small calcific foci are seen in the axillary region in the left – appears to be benign.
•   No abnormal clusters of micro calcification seen on either side.
•   No obvious architectural distortion.
•   No skin thickening or alteration of nipple contour.


•   Three hypo echoic well defined lesions are seen in the left breast at 9 o’ clock position, two of which are adjacent to areola and one is peripherally located. One of the lesions close to the areolar region has macro lobulated margin. The rest of the lesions have regular margins. The lesions measure 0.6 X 0.4 cm (peripherally located) , 0.7 X 0.3 cm (macro lobulated adjacent to areola) , and 0.5 X 0.3 cm (adjacent to areola) .
•   There is no obvious calcification
•   No architectural distortion seen bilaterally.
•   Sub areolar region show normal ductal morphology on both sides.
•   Axillary regions and axillary tail show no abnormal lymph nodal pathologies.

•   Opacities within the left breast – probably benign
•   Hypo echoic solid lesions in left breast - – probably benign
•   BIRADS final assessment CATEGORY 3 (A finding is present but there is high likelihood of benignity (>98%).

•   Ultrasound follow-up after 3 months to assess the growth of the lesion.

<<Report END>>

Early awaiting your inputs
Thanks in advance

THANK YOU! Much appreciated! Based on your reports it is most likely that the changes seen are all benign (NOT malignant). Since there are fibrocystic changes in both breasts that may disturb the mammographic evaluation further certainty can be reached by bilateral MRI breast scans. I still think that even more certainty can be reached by also adding FNAC biopsies to the list of what should be done. Those needle biopsies should be directed to the most uncertain breast lesions AND to the mass in your left arm pit. They may be directed by touch where possible or by ultrasound. Good luck!

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