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I'm 45 years old and I had an abnormal mammogram.  They called me back to do a Diagnostic bilateral mammogram.  They said I have microcalcifications and that I need to come back in 6 months for another diagnostic mammogram.  They also said I have very dense breasts.  My next appt for the 2nd diagnostic is in 15 days. My breasts are very sore and I am getting a shooting pain that originates from the what it seems like my back to my nipple.  This happens several times a day.  This is a constant occurrence.  I have seen a breast specialist about the pain and they said I have alot of cysts.  I guess my question is with this pain and the microcalcifications if it is a possibility that I have cancer. Could having dense breasts cause them not see everything even on the diagnostic mammogram?

Yes dense breasts 1. will make it more difficult too see any cancerous breast lesions and 2. will also to some extent increase your risk of a breast cancer. The high density of your breasts and the cysts there are orobably a factor in the cause of your pain there but the pain is in itself rarely a sign of breast cancer. Due to your high breast tissue density I do suggest that your mammography is complemented with MRI breast scans and ultrasound breast scans. If possible and if the pictures are unclear also with breast biopsies of the area with microcalcifications. Easiest and simplest - if possible - with stereotactic needle biopsies. Good luck!

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