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hello! a  little background. I  am 28  with 2  children. I  have recently lost 45-50  lbs. I  have had to have pre cancer cells removed from my cervix.  my maternal grandfather died of sinus cancer.
so last month my husband  found a  lump in my right breast 2  days before my period.  it was a  Saturday so I  had to wait until Monday to call my doctor.  by Monday the lump was gone.  my breast  was sore in that spot.  well now the lump and pain is back. I  am 15  days away from my period. I  have an appointment with my gyn  in 6  weeks.  if it is just a  cyst I'm not worried I'll just have it  looked at them.  if there is a  chance it is more I  will call for an earlier appointment.

If it is coming and going in synch with your periods it is probably a cyst. Try to make an appointment when it is most probable that it is there. Mammography, ultrasound breast scans and MRI breast scans should be able to clarify if there is anything dangerous there. Good luck!

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Breast Cancer

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I'm a medical doctor and specialist in medical oncology and radiation therapy.

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