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Breastfeeding/low milk supply after mirena


Is it possible 2 have a low milk supply after mirena placement?
I got it placed 1/17. Since then i have had a significant drop in m ilk.  I used to pump 5oz e breast..and 2 oz fter feeding. Now i get barely 2 oz after 5hrs and barely 1/2 oz after feeding. All started in the last 4days.  Will i dry out? What r my birth control options then?? I breast feed all day..he gets2 bottles at night and i pump 1x at nite.  My breasts r much looser than normal and baby is not gettng enough bf alone :-( please help!!!!   U can email me back  

Hi there,

Thank you for your reply. I just need to clarify a few things.

1. What have you tried to increase your milk supply?
2. How old is your baby?
3. Are you at home or working?

However on doing some research it appears as if a side effect of the insertion of Mirena can reduce milk supply.  This is not everyone there is a percentage of breastfeeding moms where it has caused the reduction but the research is pretty much inconclusive.

This is an awesome website for breastfeeding (used it extensively when I was breastfeeding and when I was volunteering with breastfeeding mothers).  Rather than copy and paste here is the link that will answer your specific question on alternate contraception methods:

I look forward to your response, and I can try and assist you with tried and tested methods to increase your milk supply.


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