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Breastfeeding/Lust in Breast & Brest pain


Dear Sir/Mam,
I had given birth to a male child on Aug 19th 2013. For the first two days there in no milk in the breast. but from the third day i had large amount of milk in the breast and I felt feeding the left side is more comfortable so i hardly used the right side breast for feeding.And in the left nipple i had five holes and in the left i had only one hole in nipple for my child is also more comfortable in the left side breast while feeding. And a week before a found the my right side breast is more painful and while examine i found the two lust in the right side breast one is on the top of the breast and another one in the bottom side. Doctor suggested Cofixime I.P and Dicloxacillin tablets for three days and the second review doctor used a needle on the lust but there is nothing inhaled in it(Really it is more painful).And again he suggested to continue the tablets with the addition of cycrome forte tablets and paracitimal tablets. So pl suggest what i can do .can i go for a second opinion or can i continue with the same doctor . Is it a symptoms of breast cancer? pl help me

Hi there,
Thank you for the question.
It sounds like you started off on the wrong foot and as a result there is now a domino effect.
The best thing for you to do would be to see if there is a La Leche League close to you.  Here is their website:
Good luck ....


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