Hi Ruth,

My daughter is almost 9 weeks old. I breastfed her for 4 weeks with lots of problems. I had sore cracked nipples. My daughter wasn't gaining weight and we were going to the doctors and lactation consultant every week getting her weight checked. I had to supplement with formula just so she would gain weight. She also had jaundice. I pumped all the time to try and increase my milk supply and it didn't seem to work. I didn't feel comfortable taking drugs to increase my supply.
I felt so guilty over stopping breastfeeding and I still do.
I started on the birth control pill and just finished my first pack, I start another pack tomorrow.
My question is: Today I noticed my right breast leaking. It was just a little. It has given me hope that maybe I could start breastfeeding again. I would like to know what you think about this. Do you think I can increase my milk supply enough to meet her needs? She is drinking 6ounces of formula every few hours. How would I increase my milk to meet her needs? Can I do this with exclusive pumping? Will my daughter accept my breast again? Will she have problems gaining weight or will she lose weight? I know I cant take the birth control pill while breastfeeding and I'm willing to stop. What will this do to my body by stopping the pill and trying to start up breastfeeding again? Is this safe for me? Is the birth control pill out of my system so it wont hurt my daughter if I can breastfeed? I'm sorry for all the questions. I guess I just want to know what you think. Can I start breastfeeding again? Thank you.

Hello :) the quick answer to this is yes you can breastfeed if you put the work into it.   Although this is far more complicated than I can answer in this one reply....  If you haev a good double electric breast pump you can try pumping every hor or every 2 hours every day for 2 or 3 days and see if you can get your milk to increase. It is always about supply and demand. so the more you demand the more you will make. So potentially yes you can make enough for her to eat but it may take a bit. You don't need to pump 6 ounces of milk for her because formula is half waste product. So only eats that much because she has to to get enough to grow. Breastmilk is far more nutrient packed so she doesnt need as much.

I would suggest  contacting ( also in canada ) to help you with increasing milk If the power pumping doesn't do much.  he can give other suggestions. you can email him directly from his site.  and yes you can breastfeed with or without the pill. It typically will reduce milk supply so its good you are off it if you are trying to increase it.

Whether your baby latched or not I dont know. is it possible? yes. I have known adopted 8 month old babies to learn to breastfeed. but there is time, patience and commitment to it. You can look up " re lactation" and will find out more about it :)  

i think that covered all the questions! I hope that helped! With some persistence you can likely achieve it :)  


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Certified through DONA international, CAPPA, HypnoBirthing and Florida outreach childbirth education program

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