I am due to have my 3rd child in May.  I was unable to nurse my first due to supply issues relating to complications in her delivery (my end not hers) but tried pumping and had very little to offer.  With my second I had better supply but discovered a health issue that I have that makes nursing very painful even when he had a good latch.  My husband and I have talked about it, and we will be formula feeding number 3 from the start.  Please don't try to change my mind, I have done research and heard it all, and we believe as a family this is the choice that works for us.  That is not why I am seeking advice.  My question is this - I would like to give the baby colostrum in the hospital, but I don't know how to go about this without continuing to nurse.  Is there a way that I can provide this to my baby without encouraging my milk to come in?  As a side note, not sure if this impacts this at all, but I will be having a C-section due to previous C-sections and the complications with the first, so it does take longer for my milk to come in.
Thank you!

Hi there Erin,

Thank you so much for the message.

Congratulations on the 3rd little bean.

Well done for trying so hard the first two times.  Even though I might not agree with your decision, I will never try and force someone to do something when they have already made a decision that they have made peace with.  So well done on that!!

As for your question.  There is no way to stop the milk coming in, however that is not an issue as at the end of the day it is a supply and demand scenario.  So nurse your newborn as long as you wish - without stress and when you are ready just stop.  To deal with the milk to prevent mastitis or discomfort, just either sit in a warm bath or have a warm shower and express gently until your breasts feel comfortable again.  You will see that you will eventually express less and less and then the milk will be gone.  I am one who doesn't believe in getting tablets to dry up the milk as the milk will go away due to lack of demand.  I breastfed my 3 children very easily and successfully, thank God, and I just weaned them and never needed the tablets to dry up the milk and I took away demand and the supply then went with that.

I hope that this answers your question and is helpful.

Don't hesitate to contact me should something be unclear or you have any follow up questions.

God bless!


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