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Breastfeeding/Breastfeeding and percocet


Sarah wrote at 2013-06-14 20:09:14
Can you tell me how long it takes for percocet to ware off?  I have stopped taking them yesterday because my new born is sleeping too much and not feeding enough


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Sue Ennis


I am looking to support the segment of mothers that encounter engorgement issues that prevent them from continuing to breastfeeding, those that do not breastfeed or are ready to start weaning. As an aside, I wish to add that questions asked in terms of those not breastfeeding will not be given guilt for their choice. In many forums, including this one, there is currently no category developed for this "not breastfeeding" audience. I do believe that breastfeeding is best for both mother and child, however, I believe more strongly that there is a lack of support for the woman that for either personal or medical reasons cannot breastfeed. My strengths would be in answering questions related to stopping breast milk production comfortably either right after delivery or after nursing their children for some time, reducing breast engorgement pain and dealing with overactive lactation. Questions I would not try to answer are those tied to emotional feelings as I feel many times women that don't/can't breastfeed struggle with it...and that should be directed to the appropriate counseling channel.


I am the inventor and founder of LaMa Bra and for years have researched the human body functions, both in process and emotions/hormones to develop a bra to help mother slow or stop their breast milk.

I hold a BS in General Biology, a MS in Human Nutrition and an MBA in Marketing.
Also, am the the founder of LaMa Bra found at that has helped many women with engorgement while breastfeeding and through stages of weaning when ready to stop breastfeeding.

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