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Breastfeeding/pain on side of one breast


tammie wrote at 2014-11-21 21:01:58
I have the same but no. Lumps it only Side. Of my right. Breast xx wat is that. Please xx  


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Samantha Brunner


Pros and Cons of breastfeeding, formula vs. breastmilk, latching on, sore nipples, blocked milk ducts, mastitis, pumping, breast pumps, returning to work while nursing, poor milk supply, nutrition, weaning, tandem nursing, c-sections and nursing, general lactation concerns or questions.


My knowledge comes from experience. I nursed my son exclusively for 9.5 months. I assisted many friend with nursing when they were having difficulties, or needed help. I run a small brestfeeding help center out of my home open to anybody in need of my services.

New Parent Support breastfeeding support group (US Navy). Local Breastfeeding Coalition.

Mulptiple seminars run by local Breastfeeding coalitions, and Le Leche League. I have also been to Breast Feeding conultant classes. I am almost a certified lactation consultant.

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