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I'm wanting to know how old is too old to breed and how many foals are too many foals as I've been offered a purebred shetland mare who is 18 years old and has had 6 foals already.

Greetings Catherine,

This is the time of year I start wishing I was "down under" too. >) This isn't a simple question.  First, 6 foals is not too many. IF they waited until she was a moderate 4 until they started to breed her, that is still leaving a fallow year in between which is exceedingly moderate.  MANY broodmares carry a foal every year for many years. Whether or not 18 is too old depends entirely on your individual mare. Many mares are still foaling into their 20s. Of course her overall health is a factor, but there are more things than only that. How easy were her other pregnancies for her? What is her reproductive health? How long ago was her last live foal born? Can her owner answer these questions for you?

I would ask the owner for permission to have a veterinarian check her over.  Although this goes under the category of "Looking a gift horse in he mouth" that is really what you are asking. Of course, IF she is a good gentle mare, your other choice is to except her graciously and then have a veterinary check done on her and try to breed her. If that doesn't work out, you can always let your children or grandchildren play with her in the yard ;>)

It comes down to why you are considering her in the first place.  Do you want to give her a home? Do you only want a foal or are you looking for something for children to play with?  Perhaps you are intending to go into the breeding business. Asking yourself that question may also help with your decision.

Good luck.  

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