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Hi there,

I have a 13.3 pony broodmare which i am looking at putting in to foal within the next month. She is 16 yrs old and has already had a few foals. I am looking at putting a 16-16.1 hh over her via AI. Do you think that she would be able to carry this foal or will it be to big for her? She is a very stocky 13.3.

Thank you

Hi, Natalie

It has been said that a mare will not carry a foal that is too big for her.  But I do believe they can still have complications during foaling, especially if you were to cover her with a draft breed which tends to be wider in the girth area.

I know people breed bigger stallions to smaller mares all the time and everything usually goes well.  I would just highly advise that someone be on hand during the foaling process in case there are complications.

Best of luck to you,

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