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I am wishing to breed with my welsh A in the next years or so, can you tell me if they have to be in season to be served? Tho She seems to turn it on when meeting other geldings :-) Thanks

Hi Tammy,

There are mares that will accept a a stallion when they are not in season. However, this will not result in a foal. If you want a foal, your mare must be bred when she is cycling and has a mature follicle. Yes, she absolutely has to be in season. The timing is totally critical.  Subsequently, if you are thinking of hauling her over to a stallion one afternoon, breeding her and then bringing her home, you are likely to waste time and gasoline.  Try to chart her cycle.  When you have an idea of when she cycles, make arrangements with the stud owner and chat with them with that chart in your hand to figure out when to take her over and plan on leaving her a while. Timing is everything.  Pasture bred horses manage to figure it out.  When human being get involved, we frequently foul up the works :>)

Good luck.

Lynne Curtis Gudes
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