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My 215 day pregnant mare has lost weight since our winter storms. Now I know this is not uncommon, however my mare has NEVER looked like she does currently and in a matter of two weeks. My veterinarian will be coming to check her out after he gets back from his holidays. Until then it would be great to see if this is a normal occurrence for some? Or any helpful advice? She is dropped in the stomach (it is hanging lower) and her hind has lost muscle for sure, no ribs are showing at all, but her hips are starting to and really her butt is what worries me most as it has lost tone, it isn't jello, but it just concerns me with the loss of muscle tone. She is no where near safe foaling this early on so should I be concerned she may be aborting or? She isn't due till the beginning of May and I have never had a problem with her weight. She has always been a healthy easy keeper. That being said, she is a maiden mare and I feed her quality alfalfa and will be starting her on grain (my vet told me I did not need to do so till about the 8th month) and has access to 24/7 pasture.

Hi Georgia,
         Every mare is different. Some mares start to need grain sooner then others. My only concern would be if she was carrying twins so I would get that checked out. I would start her on a good mare and foal grain. If you can get a good grass hay then switch her to that. You might also want to worm her if she has not been wormed.


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