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QUESTION: We have a miniature mare who is 8 years old and has never foaled. She is in her last month of her pregnacy (we think so). We are wondering if it is normal to have a milkly white substance that is squirted out of her vulva daily, this has been happening for about 9 to 10 days.


I have not seen that before, so I would have to say it is not normal.  

During the last month or so of pregnancy, the mare's urine can turn almost whitish looking, but that is when she urinates.  There should not be a milky white substance that just squirts out of the vulva (unless she is in heat, and not pregnant.)

If you're noticing a whitish look to her urine, I would say that is normal.  If this is something other than urine, that is not normal.

I hope everything turns out well.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Is there a way to verify that she is pregnant other than papal test or ultrasound?? Our vet does neither of them on minis. The way she looks she is pregnant.

No, there really is no other way to verify pregnancy.  But if she is 9 months or so, it would be pretty obvious she is in foal.  

Maybe you could just put your hand on her belly and wait to see if you feel movement.  At this stage, movement could be felt very easily.

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