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Breeding Horses/Why is my andalusian pure spanish horse like this?Is he suitable to breed?


I have an andalusian stallion and he is now exactly 3 1/2 years old.He is really short,exactly 14.3 hh and he is at that height for almost a full year.He is gaining in muscle now.I really like small horses and ponies because I ride western and I feel really comfortable in shorter agile horses than tall ones.My horse is also strangely built.He looks like a quarter horse at a mustang.He has strong muscular hindquarters a small Arabian like head and small cheeks.He also has strong built legs and they are not tall like the andalusian seen in dressage competitions.Also he has a strange colour .He is white but his legs are dark grey black and his mane is dark gray with some shades of sandy like yellow.He looks like a white buckskin.He also has a primitive like dorsal stripe on his back.Can someone tell me if this guy is gonna stay to 14.3 or will he grow?Also is it possible for a horse to be shorter that its breed characteristics?Andalusian's height is from 15.1 to 16 plus so,is my situation normal or not?

Here is a link in Flickr to see how the horse look like(photo is a little blurry )

Thanks in advance

Hi Nick,

Your horse's coat color sounds typical for an Andalusian.  If you were to search the web and look at photos of Andalusians, your guy looks like a lot of the others out there.  The breed characteristic states they are a compact, stocky horse, which your guy fits into that also.

As for his height, it could be due to improper nutrition as a weanling that has slowed down his growth process.  It doesn't mean he has "short" in his genetics.  There are some breeds who are not considered fully mature until they are 5 years old, so he could do a little more growing.

Whether or not he is "breeding quality" is hard for me to say.  A lot will depend on what other people are looking for in an Andalusian.  You have to take into consideration his pedigree and his disposition and his over-all conformation, other than the height issue.

My stallion isn't tall either, he only stands about 14.2hh but every one of his foals has hit a mature height of 15hh+.

I think it will be a personal preference of yours and whether or not YOU feel your horse should be used as a stud.

Best of luck to you!

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