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we have a jenny donkey and her 10 month foal and I have been told by a vet that I have to separate them for a time in order to properly wean the foal, as we only have the one 2 1/2 acre field we will have to find somewhere else to put the foal who is nearly as big as mum and not aggressive at all but is beginning to be a bit of a nusance to his mum so we will have to get him fixed soon. do we really have to totally separate them and for how long. Thanks for you help.

Hi Gordon,
         The ideal thing is to separate the dam and foal for about 2-3months, if you put them back together too soon he could go back to nursing.. This will allow you to both wean him and castrate him. He could get his mother pregnant as early as 4 months of age, so you want to do this right away.  Is there anyway you can fence off a portion of the pasture for him? You could use temporary fencing. You could even put him in a 40x40 pen for now and switch he and his mom around, so that each has pasture access. If for any reason you can not separate them, then have him castrated asap an you could try an Udder training bra. These are supposed to cut off access to the dam's udder though I have found them to work only 50% of the time.


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