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I don't have any pictures of my cat, but he looks a lot like the cat on this page -

I've done some research, and I don't know if my cat is American Shorthair, European Shorthair or Domestic Shorthair. My cat looks most like the European Shorthair, but he's not from Europe. He's from Oregon.

Here's some physical characteristics and personality traits of my cat.

Could you please tell me what breed he is? Thank you.

Physical characteristics -
- brown tabby
- young-looking (He's 7 years old, but he looks just like a big kitten. He has an adult body but a kitten head. It's precious!)
- long, muscular chest
- short, thick-boned legs
- little bit of toe tuft
- little, round paws (look like little snowboots)
- black fur that goes all the way down his back
- small, round, green eyes
- short, thick neck
- dense, short, soft, glossy fur
- small head
- little bit of brown fur above his nose
- average-size (maybe 13 or 14 lbs)
- nose is short and turns upright when you look at him from the side
- fur on his cheeks and stomach is a beautiful, caramel color
- looks just like a shorthaired version of the brown tabby maine coons I see on TV
- he's the softest, glossiest cat I've ever seen

Personality traits -
- quiet most of the time (but when he meows, he's very loud. He definitely makes his presence known)
- independent most of the time, and you don't know he's there
- loves to catch moths and eat them (good hunter)
- not scared of my mother and me, but he's scared of everyone else and is very scared of noises like loud cars and vacuum cleaners. He acts very feral around strangers
- super smart and has a very smart facial expression

I love my cats so much, and I want them to live forever!


Hi Ashley
It is impossible to determine a breed from a picture. I would suggest that you take a swab from the cheek of the cat and send it to UCDavis in California. They have a web site and instructions as to how to take the swab and how to send it.
They will be able to give you an 'indication' as to possible breed but the actual breed could simply be a moggie.
I am sorry I cannot help you any further but it is like looking at a person walking in the street and trying to guess where their ancestors came from.
It is almost impossible

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