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QUESTION: Dear Marcia,

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Hope you are fine. I would like to know that I have male cat of around 4 years. So far neither his shots has been updated nor he has been mated. He normally use to stare the female cats from our balcony. A week earlier, he was staring cats from our balcony and he was about to jump but suddenly my mom interrupted and he attacked to her and scratched bited on her leg. He is very attached to my mom, even he sleeps beneath her bed but he bited her for the interruption. Do you think is it necessary to mate him now, if it is, then please suggest me the age of the female which will be suitable for him. I am even scared of his behaviour, what if I bring female for her and he won't fight with her. Your kind expertise in this regard will be appreciated.



ANSWER: At 4 years old your boy is well mature and normally would have been starting to mate at anything from a year old so if he has been in sight and sound of sexually mature females I would say he is very frustrated by now and no wonder he attacked your mother.

Girls from the age of 1 year old are suitable  so for the sanity of your boy I wouldn't delay much longer.   Get his vaccinations done and let him have some girls now or neuter him before he becomes very aggressive towards you and your Mum.

Make sure the girls are very much in season before introducing them or they will fight and you do not want want that to happen.



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QUESTION: Thanks Marcia, but please suggest what if, he fights with a year old girl. Do I aware him with her through the cages. My boy isn't in habit of cage. Please advise.



It will depend on whether you are able to separate them but have them still see and smell each other until you are sure they will not fight.  It is normal for their to be a cage for one of them (usually the girl) to be put into so they can smell each other without fighting.  Once they are used to each other then you can let them together.

It would be beneficial if you could visit a breeder's premises to see how they do it in your country.  Here in the UK the boy would have his own housing outside with a partitioned part for the girl so everything is done safely and there can be no fighting.

You must never leave them along together if there is any chance they will fight.


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