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Hi doc. I have a 2 years old Persian male cat. He is neutered long hair coat. Am living in a flat with average temp of 23-25c. The problem my cat keep loosing and falling hair like crazy. It's everywhere inside home. And his hair I can tell is not healthy or strong at all.

I tried all kind of treatment. Vitamins and even oils and also amino complex. Even all kind of moisture oils. I give him best food fresh or from dry royal cannin. NO POSITIVE results at all. I shaved him twice and still his hair grows back and no effect.

I keep thinking maybe it's genetic disease but when I brought him he was great. I mean when he was little kitty. Please help.

The problem with your cat is the air conditioning in the apartment.
Most cats survivie in what can best be described as Semi-Arid conditions but it needs some water vapour in the air to ensure the coat remains pliable.
Can I suggest that you allow you cat access to the outside either from the apartment window by building a container that allows him to go out or taking him out on a special lead to some secure park that you can let the cat walk on a lead without any dogs or other animals getting near.

You need to measure the amount of water vapour in the air and ensure that it remains over 50% humid.

Also make sure you groom him every day very gently but firmly. Finally cats like dogs do molt in hot weather so be aware of that.


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