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I have a question for you regarding my Turkish Angora cat. She's in heat for the 2nd time, the first time was in summer and now it's well now in January. She is performing all the signs of wanting to mate, but when we introduced her to the experienced male cat, she is absolutely terrified. We put her in a separate room, and let him wander around, getting used to her scent and putting his own scent everywhere. He wanted her right away, he smelled all of her favorite areas of the house, and started meowing for her. We then placed him in a separate room, and tried leaving her out so she could smell his scent around the house. She instantly became terrified. And yet, when he meowed, there would be times when she would answer him back, but she won't go near him. We placed her in a glass room, to separate them, and left him outside, knowing he'd stick by her. (he's very passionate about meeting her) She won't move, she becomes a statue, she's even hissed at him once. I don't know if there's hope for this coupling or not. Could you tell me what we're supposed to do beyond this? Thank you : )

ANSWER: Dear Rana

You don't mention how old your girl is but I am guessing she may only be a year or 18 months old.  It is not unusual for a 'maiden' girl to be frightened by this 'strange' cat.  It would be better if you had a wire cage that you could put her in, within the male's area so that he can 'court' her and she can touch noses with him when she is ready.  It could even take 2 or 3 days before she feels brave enough to allow him to mate her.  

Patience is often the word and if she misses this call then you may have more time to sort out a cage for her by the time of her next call.  

I have to say though that sometimes it will never work.  I had a Singapura who would happily live with the stud when she was not in season but as soon as she came into season she would hate him.  I had to try a different stud who she instantly fell in love with.



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Yes she is around 18 months old, I think she was around 3-4 months old when we got her, and it's been over a year now. We don't have a wired cage, so will a carrier do? We have a purple carrier we use to take her to the vet. Also, a question, if we put her in neutral ground, rather than her own territory with him in it, would that put her at more ease? or only conflict her more? We want to keep trying, but due to circumstances, if we want to breed her longer than these next two days, we'll have to do it in another house. We're thinking our grandmother's house, but I don't know how the cats will adjust. The male doesn't seem to have a problem. He walked into our house like he owned it, and if she's with him, he doesn't seem to complain. It's mostly her I'm worried about. Thank you again.     : )



Dear Rana

Normally a carrier would probably have been enough for an experienced queen but as your girl is obviously finding it very strange I don't think it will help.  She really needs something that she can stay in for 2-3 days if necessary. Is it possible to have two rooms next to each other with a wire door on so that they can see each other.  Its not ideal as she will have too much room to get away from the partition but might help.

I think you may have to miss this call until you have got something set up for her.  Somewhere more neutral would not be a bad idea. Though she is an ideal age to be mated, it may be that she needs a little longer.  You will also need to make sure she is at such a stage of her call that she is desperate.  She needs to be treading virtually instantly you touch her.  You could also try holding her and distracting her and then get someone else to let the boy in so that he can do the deed before she has a chance to realise.  Just an idea.


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