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Hiya my cat had kittens 10 days ago she is eating, drinking and feeding her kittens very well. She had 4 kittens and all have doubled in size she seems happy apart from that i noticed that her "3 eye" is visible and she had the runs for about 3 days she is trumping like mad 2 and it smells :( but she has been pooing in her litter tray, today could smell poo so went to change her litter tray but it was empty checked her out in box with kittens she had done a little poo in the box but it was all over her bum and tail like her bum, i cleaned her up and have been checking her and little bits keep leaking out  is there somthing wrong or is this just the truma of giving birth? She defo does not have worms or flea btw, i really can't afford a vet just to tell me it's normal 4 some but if she needs a vet i will take her, thanks.
Emma x

Hi Emma
This is normal as she is also cleaning the behinds of her kittens so she will be eating and then discarding their poo. It is sometimes the case that their poo does not sit well with mum so she would have a touch of diarrhoea.
As for her third eyelid coming up, along with the smell it sounds to me like stress. If you can get some Zylkine from the vet and giver her a dose of that it will calm her down.
Also make sure she has plenty of food and water herself and does not have to search for it.
It would also be better to provide two litter trays, one for her and one for the kittens when they start to wonder. Make sure that her's has a higher lip so the kittens can't get in.



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