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QUESTION: Can you give your cat the human Omega 3-6-9 supplements, the "liqi-caps"? My Genesis' fur is dull and she's getting dandruff galore! I feel like she's lacking in her diet and requires a supplement. I have a HUGE bottle of the one for humans and would rather use that up 1st if possible as it is expensive.Any info would be helpful!

ANSWER: Hi Amanda

I would not recommend using the human supplement.  Can you tell me what kind of cat Genesis is....long hair or short hair...and what you are feeding her?   There should be some inexpensive options for you . once I have that information I believe I can fully answer your question.

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QUESTION: She get's Friskies and Fancy Feast (as a treat).  I'm on a very limited income.... enclosed is a pic of her in her shinier days. And a recent pic (she's not bald now) but I had to make her wear a cone because she was obsessively licking.

I am not a vet, but a breeder.  I would guess she has an allergy.
#1  double check for fleas....
#2  look for Fancy Feast that does not have WHEAT GLUTEN in the label there are several"flavors" of Fancy Feast that do not contain WHEAT GLUTEN

#2  Change the dry to another brand  try to avoid corn in it and make sure the first ingredients are meat.  If your income is limited the grain free diets may be too expensive..but you can find something proplan
or Purina  just to see if that may be the issue.
Give it a try for several weeks if no improvement there are other things to try....but let's go simple first.  

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