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Can you give your cat the human Omega 3-6-9 supplements, the "liqi-caps"? My Genesis' fur is dull and she's getting dandruff galore! I feel like she's lacking in her diet and requires a supplement. I have a HUGE bottle of the one for humans and would rather use that up 1st if possible as it is expensive.Any info would be helpful!

You didn't identify your cat's breed.
If she is showing dandruff or dull coat there may well be a deficiency in her diet but it could also be a medical condition.
Check the type of shampoo that you use, if you use one and also make sure she is not being exposed to dry air circulation. You can give her dietary supplements of Omega 3-6-9 but make sure you do NOT exceed the RDA for the vitamin as the cat cannot metabolize any excess in her system and may develop adverse side effects to over consumption.
I would suggest cod liver oil rather that capsule supplement or split the capsule and pour the contents onto her food rather that try to deliver a capsule down her neck.
Check also her eyes and ears and make a note of her feces to ensure it is a good bronze/brown colour and solid.



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