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Lori, my daughter, in Houston, TX, is interested in buying a type of cat she saw on TV. She's not sure what they're called, but she heard it referred to as a "teacup kitten." She hopes to find one through a reputable local breeder. Can you help us out? What are the cats called? How big do they grow? What is a reasonable cost? What are the pros and cons of owning one. Any breeder info you can provide is appreciated.  Thanks for your time, Lori.

There really isn't a 'breed' of kitty called a teacup kitten.  Any of the recognized breeds can be bred down in size.  I honestly don't know anyone working with miniaturized versions of any breed, but I would definitely do some very indepth research about which of the recognized breeds do well in "miniature.  I think you will find a lot of mixed emotions about decreasing the size of cats.  I honestly would recommend you maybe ask for some references if you find a local breeder, and check their status with some of the recognized registries, such as TICA, ACFA and CFA.

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