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My queen has delivered 4 cutee babies and all are healthy. i have to ask about their care and diet of the queen and vaccinations of the kittens.

please guide me about their care.

Congratulations on your kittens and I hope all is going well.  The best thing you can do now is to feed your queen on good quality food - probably the same that you had been feeding before, so that she produces enough milk for the kittens.  The kittens will start to be interested in weaning around 3-4 weeks old and you can then encourage them to eat by feeding a little cooked fish or chicken to get them interested.  They usually then want to try Mum's food and are soon growing very quickly.

Vaccinations for the kittens are usually done at 9 weeks and 12 weeks of age but you need to speak to your vet.  He will know what the manufacturers of the vaccine he uses, recommends as it may be different.



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I can give answers on cat breeding and showing having 'served' over 30 years in this particular field. I head up a Yahoo Group and also a cat club (NBA Cat Club) devoted to educating novices in the correct way to breed, and also show with both GCCF and TICA on a regular basis, and am well versed with the show world, having been involved in the management of the major GCCF Supreme Show in the UK for over 25 years. Genetics however is not my strong point.


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