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Recently we have tried breeding our Turkish Angora cat. The first time, we tried, she mated with the male for a day, and we had to take him back to his breeder because he had a terrible habit of spraying the house. She wasn't pregnant from that time. Recently we left her at another breeder's home, and he mated her with two cats, It will be 3 weeks starting tomorrow, and her teats are still flat and white. Is it possible she's infertile? That makes 3 different breeding males, and I don't really know if she's pregnant if she's not really beginning to pink.

First of all  it sounds like you may need a bit of advice about breeding./
the usual method is to put the cat in with the male for several matings, remove, and put her back in the next day for several more.
you NEVER mate a cat with more than one male at a time...Who the heck would be the father?  That makes no sense at all....
it takes 21 days to "pink up"  meaning the nipples turn pink.
so did someone witness the matings???
I would wait 24 days and if she is not pink she is unlikely bred.   She needs to be vet checked for constant heat cycles can cause uterine infections......and the next time
ONE male, watch them mate several times, remove her and return her to him on day two
CAGE whole males  to avoid the spraying all over and so you can actually see them mate.

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