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QUESTION: My cat started labor last night and delivered four kittens. Her labor has since completely stopped. She does not seem distressed and the kittens seem fine. I'm sure though that there is at least one kitten undelivered. I can feel the shape of the kitten by simply resting my hand on her belly, but I'm not sensing any fetal movement. It has been 12 hours and nothing has happened. Since it is Sunday the vet is closed and the emergency clinic is an hour away and they are not answering their phone. Please help me and tell me what I should do. Could I be mistaken about the last kitten, although I'm sure I feel something?

Did you count placentas??  it might be a placenta you are feeling/  It well could be another kitten and sometimes it takes up to 24 relax a bit.As long as she is not in distress or can wait for your regular vet.   Another thing you could be feeling is fecal material in the colon....with a lot of kittens in there it gets rather lumpy and hard...
If she is nursing and resting....just watch her.  If you still feel it tomorrow early morning  I would go right to the vet.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Yes ma'am, I did count the placentas and all four delivered. I hope that it may be her colon. I never would have thought about that but I ran to check her litter box and it's empty so that could be a possibility. She seems to be doing well and is nursing all four kittens just fine. She does keep bending over to lick herself down there, but other than that she's resting. I'd like to thank you for your immediate response. I was starting to become a little scared for my cat. This is her first litter and she is just shy of a year old. This was not a planned pregnancy and we will be having her spayed as soon as we can do so safely. You have eased my mind. I am way to sensitive and anxious to be breeding animals and I hope never to do so again. I firmly believe in leaving the breeding to the educated experts, but nature sometimes does things differently. Anyway, thanks again I will wait until tonight to start panicking.

Don't panic tonight as long as she is quiet and comfortable.  Just go to the vet tomorrow if it is still there in the same place.
She is liking herself because she has some discharge which is most likely bloody     and it that is normal for up to a week.
Sounds to me like all is well

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