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Dear Kathleen,

Good day to you.

I want to ask you that I have male 3.5 yrs male cat and neither he has mated nor he has been geld so far. I am thinking to bring a female for him. I have suggested by few of my friends to bring atleast a year old cat for him to breed.

Nowadays, we have found a changed in his behavior. Few days back he used to sleep on the glass table placed in the drawing. He has started to pee in our drawing room on the carpet. That's why we keep our drawing room closed mostly. He use to force us to open the drawing room most of time. Kindly advise what to do to get rid of this habit of peeing in the room. Need your kind suggestion in this regard.



You are not going to like my answer..neuter him.  He is marking his territory and that will not stop until he is neutered.
breeding him won't stop it either.  You will just have kittens that will be difficult to place.
The owner of the female will have a big expense in raising kittens, and must be prepared for care of the mother, and kittens   AND the possibility of the need for a c-section if required.
So the best thing for your male is to neuter or geld him so he is happy and content indoors and stops peeing in the house.

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