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QUESTION: hello, after looking at all the other people on this site, I have come to the conclusion that you may be the only one capable of answering my question.

My cat had given birth earlier today to 6 kittens. The 4th kitten seemed stuck, but eventuall she had gotten her out. This kitten has an exceptionally large head, that is blue/black, and feels as though filled with some kind of fluid? Do you have any knowledge of this?

She is kicking her legs, and tryng to whine, but momma wouldn't even clean her. My mother and I had to. We are also feeding her baby animal milk until she gets strong enough.

Do you know what could have caused this?

ANSWER: Hi Kasadee

Your young kitten MAY ( I am not certain because I have not examined the baby so I say MAY) have encephalitis a swelling in the brain. If the kitten is still surviving then you need to keep up the feeding regime until she reaches four weeks old. If the swelling seems to be growing then take her down to your vet and ask them to examine her and get their opinion.
If the swelling is gradually reducing then she could well survive and be a normal little kitten.  You also need to make sure the kitten is peeing and pooing. To make sure she does, you will need to use a wet cotton bud on her bum and rub it up and down to encourage her to go to the toilet. Then just clean her up afterwards.

Mums usually know if there is something wrong with their offspring and will often reject a sick kitten to concentrate on the others.
What breed is the cat?
Who was she mated with?
Did the pregnancy go for the full nine weeks?
Are the others doing well and increasing their weights every day?
You should weigh then twice per day to see if they are gaining weight. The normal growth rate is they should put on a few grams every day and by day 14 weigh almost twice as much as they did at birth.

I wish you luck with the litter and pleas do let me know how they are getting on



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Mom and her babies
Mom and her babies  

QUESTION: The kitten survives through the night! Thismorning i went to go feed her (her name is destiny) and when i put her down, she started to walk a bit. She was kinda dragging her head, but she did lift it up and position it to sleep in a normal kitten position.

This wasn't a planned mating. Our cat (Athena) was an indoor cat, got out on her first heat, and came back pregnant. Her markings are strange. She has siamese markings, but with calico colors.

Athena had rejected the kitten, until later lastnight when we showed her Destiny, and she took her back to the box. Since then she has licked her, and layed her head on her. Everytime i have taken her ouf, Athena looks up and waits for me to put her down.. Does this mean she's getting better?

Hi Kasadee
Well done to you and mum.
The fact that Athena has now taken over looking after Destiny means the odds are now in her favour of surviving. You are not out of the woods yet but you are going in the right direction.

Please do weigh them all every day at about 8.00am and 6.00pm and make sure they are all putting on a few grams every day, then things are definitely on the UP. Make sure Destiny is suckling from mum and is gaining weight.

I am not sure what breed any of the cats and kittens are but love them all the same as if they were pedigree.


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