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I am going to show a kitten in a month in a household class. I have only done a few beginner cat shows. I would like to do my best to have him do his best. Should I follow a strict diet? How should I present the cat? What should his grooming schedule look like? He is a short hair. Thank you!

I am sure you will love showing him.  Just make sure he is not overweight though don't restrict his died too much and don't change what he eats otherwise you risk a tummy upset.  

Make sure he does not have fleas, that his ears and eyes are clean (any crusty 'sleepy dusts) in the corner of the eyes need to be removed.  Make sure he has a clean bottom too as sometimes people forget to check that end. If he has white make sure it is sparkling white.  If you do need to wash him, do it a couple of days before, though I would hope you won't need to as he is a shorthair.  As far as grooming is concerned, do give him some combings as you need to make sure that there is no loose hair.  If he is a dark cat, you may want to consider a chamois leather to use when stroking him to bring up any shine.

Make sure his inoculations are up to date otherwise you may not be allowed into the show.

I think that just about sums it up so have a really good show and good luck.


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