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I have female persian cat which is 3.5 yr old,i have 1 kitten also .2days back i bought 1 male persian cat which is 1.5 yr old,whenever she sees this male cat she becomes aggressive and fights with other kittens at home ,she does ths only when she sees him or when she gets males smell,i dont know whats to do,i need help?

Dear Syeda

Unless your female is in season you would need to introduce your male adult to the household very carefully.  2 days is not sufficient and she will need much longer to get used to having the smell of a strange adult in the house.  I suggest you perhaps supervise an times when she is near where she can smell him and keep your other kitten well away until your older female has relaxed more.  Give them time away from the boy to make sure the friendship continues.

This will take time and you just cannot rush it.  Try to get some Feliway plugins to help - I'm sure you can source this in your own country.


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