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Good day to you.

Please tell me what are the initial indications of a cat pregnancy. I bought a female 3 Weeks ago. I have a male since 4 years.

Since they both are living together, I haven't seen them mating so far but I feel that she is pregnant. Female use to fight most of the times with male. Male has now getting irritated from her.

Also my wife saw a blood in the poty of female. Another issue is that her hairs are falling too much. I have my 2 months baby in my house and I am very scared due to this hairfall.

Also tell me can this pair can be vaccinated at this stage. Need your advise on this please.



Initial stage of feline pregnancy is that the teats will become pink on or after the 21st day of mating.
There would be no blood loss nor would there be any allopecia.
I am not sure what you want to vaccinate against I would suggest that you take the animals down to your local vets

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