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Two months ago, my 3 year old dam suffered a stalled labor and with no signs of progression after pharmacological induction, she ended up having a c-section. Her past 4 pregnancies have all been uneventful and produced healthy kittens.  Should I be concerned with any future pregnancies and how long should I wait before breeding her again.
thank you

I am rather concerned that your girl has had 4 litters when she is only 3 years old. In fact she has had 5 if you count this last c.section one!   She should not have been bred from until she was 1 year old and then should have had litters at ideally 12 month intervals. I think her body is now saying enough is enough and she either needs a long rest or needs to be neutered. In my opinion she certainly now needs a very long overdue rest and if not being neutered she needs a 12 month break.  



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I can give answers on cat breeding and showing having 'served' over 30 years in this particular field. I head up a Yahoo Group and also a cat club (NBA Cat Club) devoted to educating novices in the correct way to breed, and also show with both GCCF and TICA on a regular basis, and am well versed with the show world, having been involved in the management of the major GCCF Supreme Show in the UK for over 25 years. Genetics however is not my strong point.


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