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Underside markings
Underside markings  

Hi Kathleen,
I recently rescued a kitten. She came from an outdoor mechanic shop where the cats were allowed to breed wildy and kittens of all colors roamed everywhere. I don't know what her parents looked like or where they came from, but she has some of the most unique markings I've ever seen on a cat. I'm trying to figure out what breed/breeds she might be, or if her markings have a name. I can't find any other cats that look quite like her, but the closest I've come to are called "torbies" - a mixture of tortoiseshell and tabby. I would love to hear your opinion. Thanks!

I can tell you about her color and markings
She is a classic tabby pattern, and her color is tortiseshell

What I cannot tell you is her breed, no one be a specific breed she would have to have had pedigreed parents of that breed.
So technically speaking she is a DSH( domestic short hair) Tortiseshell, classic tabby.

Hope this helps.  She is lovely  that color is very nice....


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