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I always thought my cat Magic, who I found as a stray young adult in 1999, was a gray domestic shorthair, but recently I posted this picture of him on Facebook and one of my friends called him a Russian Blue.

I was curious if he actually might be Russian Blue. He's all gray (when I first found him his fur had a silvery look that has mostly gone away), his eyes are yellow with a hint of green, and he has very subtle white stripes on his tail and hindquarters. He was stocky when he was younger (peaked over 15 pounds).

Is there any way to tell for sure?

Dear Theo

No there is no way to tell for sure but I would say that I have seen over domestic shorthairs that look like other breeds.  It is not easy to tell from your picture but I would say that Russian Blues do not have any white, nor do they have any stripes.  Magic looks a lovely cat but in my opinion does not display the correct muzzle for a Russian.  I think he is probably a domestic shorthair who has been lucky to find you as he is obviously very much loved.


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