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Pregnant mama
Pregnant mama  
I recently (in July) took in a stray cat. At first she was very shy and nervous about all the sounds and our busy housegold (5 kids,2 large dogs,and a kitten) she kept running outside and is now very very pregnant. She has lost all her hair around her nipples and does not have milk yet but you can feel very distinct ridges up both sides of her belly where her nipple are. Its hard though not like if they had milk in them. I can see and feel the kittens moving. I have been able to see and feel them for about 2 weeks. I feel that she may be having a very large litter as she was very skinny when we got her. It looks as if she could just explode at any min. Is there any way you could estimate how far along she may be? Her belly keeps changing day it looks huge the next I actually have to feel her cause she looks as if she could have had the kittens but then later she is back to normal. This is her first litter as she is only about 10 months old...I am just worried about her and I want to know when to expect kittens so I can make sure my 3 year old does not find them first!

I am sorry, short of an xray or sonogram there really isn't.  But she is close, and she needs to be kept confined.  I would put her in an empty bedroom or bathroom if you have one....with a nest box.....If you let her loose the first time mom's can be scared and run allover dropping kittens.
She will need to keep them in one place, and nurse them..she will need that area to be warm.
The kittens should not be handled at least for the first week, except by you to check that they are doing well.

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