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Cat 2
Cat 2  
Cat 1
Cat 1  
QUESTION: Back for some more requests. What colors and patterns are these domestic shorthairs?

ANSWER: 1 is a brown mackeral tabby
2 appears to be a red or cream classic tabby..I cannot see enough to be100% sure

Why are we doing patterns on rescue cats??

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Cat 2
Cat 2  
Cat 1
Cat 1  
QUESTION: Thanks. I am just a beginner to this stuff, trying to learn about colors patterns. I only have a few more to ask about. Sorry if I'm asking too much. After this I will only have 2 more for a few months.

ANSWER: Not a problem at all...just was curious as to why >
ask away  I will try to give you my best shot...

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: This ain't quite a question but an answer. These are rescue cats at 1 of my local adoption centers and they can't seem to properly label some of them. They seem to use "grey tiger" or "brown tiger" instead of tabby and stuff like that. I am soon about to fill out an application to do some volunteer work at another local adoption place. I am a cat lover and know a lot about cats. I have 2 now and the are both domestic shorthairs. I know my breeds very well I just want to learn about color patterns. I think it's important to know color patterns if I'm going to be working with them. I am also a volunteer for one cat adoption place and they have me take photos for them to use on their website and brochures. Basically a cat photographer and cat lover. If it helps I can stop asking about rescue cats. My apologies.

It is fine to ask I do not mind. I was just curious. Tabby and tiger are often used interchangeably, so that is not wrong. Remember these are domestic short hairs and long hairs not pedigreed cats, just don't make people think the are. Giving them a correct color and pattern is fine and may even make them more adoptable.  Good luck.  Keep sending the photos.  Head and side shots are good.

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