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Hi Kathleen, I hope you don't mind me asking such a question, but it's difficult an expert on cats lately.  I have a 7 yr. old Scottish Fold.  I got him when he was 5 months old and he's always eaten Solid Gold Indigo Moon dry food, and maybe l/3 of a can of wet food. Solid Gold must have changed their formula in the past year because he doesn't like it anymore, none of their varieties. I'm trying to find a replacement for it, grain-free, and preferably a brand that hasn't been on a Pet Food Recall List (I'm a freak about food safety). Can you recommend a dry food I could try?  Thank you very much.   


I am a food freak too.   I would suggest more wet and less dry.....
that being said
I love Pet Smart's new  Authority GRAIN FREE Chicken  (dry) I have found it to be very good. The cats love it, and the price is very good.   it is only available at Petsmart or on line.
Another dry food that I have used is Taste of the Wild.    They have had a recall or two but not on the dry cat food.

For canned I love Wellness signature select  the minced turkey or chicken with chicken is grain free available on line at      they have free shipping if your order $49 worth of food and have the best prices.  You can also get this at Petsmart.
Hope this helps

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