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"I am going to buy a 2.5 month male Persian kitten in next month. I never have pet before. Tell me about raising him and  the daily care of them?And also suggest the other related things that i need to know. You also can suggest some websites to know more. And most important after bringing him how can I train him? Socialize him?make him familiar with my place? and potty training?How can I make him understand that love him so much.
Thank you."

Your kitten is very young at 10 weeks of age..most breeders are not placing kittens until 14-16 weeks of age. The last baby shot is to be given at 16 weeks or most of us keep our kittens until then.

Is your kitten coming with registration papers???   Does the kitten come with a health guarantee?

The person who should be able to answer all of your questions about how to socialize and train your kitten is the breeder.  He/she should be in touch with your through this process and be providing your handouts specific to your breed and how to groom and care for it.
If you are not getting this support from the breeder, I strongly suggest looking for a different kitten and breeder.   The reason why buy from breeders rather than pet stores is for the support that a breeder can provide.  The breeders should be showing CFA or TICA.
There is information about persians at   under Breeds.
on that same site is kitten care.
There is a lot of grooming with a persian....LOTS  I hope you are prepared for that.  

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