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I have a beautiful proven male who had sired around two litter up to date when he was around 2years old. After that time, I have paused my breeding program for around 2 years due to study and work commitments. Now, I have decided to get back to the breeding world but unfortunately, my male is just not able to mate correctly, not even close! My adult female have been going in and out of heat, and I have already put them together several times before, but he just seems unable to "hit the spot". He seems too eager to mate when mounting but his positioning is just way off. I noticed he puts his whole weight on the female with his 4 paws clinging to her body which weighs the female down and sideways and never seems to get even close to the "spot".
Whats going on here? He used to be quick and knew exactly what he's supposed to do? Do male cats forget how to mate correctly if a long time have gone by without mating? Any advise would help. I also tried helping him with positioning himself, but he doesn't liked to be touched when mating or if I am too close.

It appears that your question arrived while I was putting my 'vacation message' on.  I have to admit I haven't encountered this problem with my boys even if they haven't had a girl for some time.  I would persist in trying to position him better - he may get used to you being there.  Is the girl a long girl in relation to him?  Perhaps you could encourage him to scruff her lower down so that he ends up further back?

This is certainly a new one for me as normally boys don't tend to forget how to mate a girl.


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