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So my friend is having me watch her cat that is pregnant she doesn't know when she got pregnant but I can see and feel her babies moving and I was told the nipples becoming a bit red and swelling is a sign she might be close she's been eating alot and has no discharge and every time I rub her belly it gets really hard I took her temperature and it was 99.0 please let me know

That is very difficult to answer.    First of all you can feel kittens moving for at least the last 3 weeks,  their nipples are large and pink after the first 3 weeks of pregancy.  So none of that is a sign that delivery is near.
A Cat's normal temperature is I don't think you left the thermometer in long enough.....99 is too low and the cat would be quite ill.

Cats are pregnant for about65 days...
I would confine her to a small area, bedroom or some place safe.   Provide her with a box that has bedding in it.
Please keep her indoors from now on...obviously she was outside to get bred.

Hope this helps

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