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QUESTION: Dear Kathleen,

We took in a stray cat who seemed very friendly as a stray cat, it may have been an abandoned cat based on her domestic behavior. We'd give her food and water, and sooner or later she started staying our house more longer than usual (We dont let her in, just inside our kitchen and the garden).  

She got pregnant and gave birth, one survived.

Now the kitten is healthy and hyper. Plays with the mother alot, even though she doesn't like it. We let them in and out of the house. But most of the time they stay in the kitchen.

My concern now,the mother is pregnant again (I will get her nurtured and spayed after she gives birth), should i be worried that she has male kitten around 2-3 months old while she's preganant or no need to worry?

Also, when is the best time to take her to be spayed after birth?

This is our first time taking of cats this seriously.

Note: The mother is very huge now, she might give birth any day soon.


ANSWER: I would keep mom and her current kitten indoors... please.   too dangerous outside to have babies.
She can be spayed once the kittens eat from a dish 4-5 weeks.  get the male baby neutered  when he is 4 months old.
Cats really belong indoors..they do not NEED to go outside.
Mom needs to eat a very high protein diet. and should be wormed then kept inside.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: But is it okay to leave the kitten while shes giving birth? Or when the newborns cone out? He's very playful with bites.

No  he needs to be taken away from her now.  she needs all of her milk for her new babies coming and he should be eating high quality kitten food.

She should be kept in a quiet room with a nest box.....a cardboard box lined with paperand some soft bedding....for her to have her kittens in.


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