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Cwelch wrote at 2013-03-13 03:00:54
My cat had kittens two days ago, and this was my first experience with it. I had all the same questions and worries. I never did see a mucous plug, she was eating (some) and playing the morning she delivered. I noticed she was out of my sight and I found her in my laundry basket digging and biting at my laundry, more digging and this was odd for her! I lifted her out and noticed a wet spot so I took her to the box I prepared and she kept licking herself, then panting, within 10 min she started contracting. First kitten was harder for her (or so it seemed) the remaining kittens came with ease.  It amazes me how nature and instinct kick in, she is a young mama, and will be spayed when these kittens wean.  Good luck!!

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