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Bridge & other card games/5 person rotation in chicago scoring


Max Honigsberg wrote at 2014-07-17 23:31:20
Here is the only movement that guarantees:

Each player partners with each other player 4 times

Each player sits out 4 times

Each player sits in each position 4 times

Each player deals 4 times

Five rounds with 4 deals each round

No erratic seat changes or 4 consecutive sit outs

Scoring is Chicago style

Cards are stored in envelope for safe keeping

To purchase these cards either call 805-498-1443 or write to  

Bridge & other card games

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Bridge Bidding using the Standard American or 2/1 Game Forcing bidding systems. Declarer play and defense problems, defensive signals. I am not an expert on questions concerning bridge law, but I do my best to answer them.


I have been playing bridge competitively at a high level for 25 years and professionally off and on. I have won several regional events and have played as the partner of two world champion players.

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