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I have a friend that will be hosting bridge for 9 couples.  How do you arrange the schedule for all 9 to be able to play?  I'm stumped, any thoughts?


It is certainly possible but the players have to take turns sitting out, one pair at a time.

Assign each pair a number 1-9. Set up five tables. Table number 1 is the sit out table. When a pair is scheduled to play at Table 1 they just twiddle their thumbs, make themselves a sandwich or whatever. Tables 2-5 are actual bridge playing tables for the other eight pairs. After 2, 3 or 4 hands, depending on your preference everyone moves and someone new gets to sit out.

The link below lists table "mats" for each table, describing who sits N-S and E-W at that table. There are 6 rounds. Each round consists of 2 boards or hands. You can modify this if you wish. You could have prearranged boards as in duplicate bridge, or, alternatively, players could just shuffle the cards and play 4 hands of Chicago rubber bridge at each table during each round.

The website lists 10 pairs. However, in your case, pair number 10 is a phantom. It does not exist. When a pair is sceduled to sit E-W at Table 1, that means that they sit out for that round.  

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