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Where can we find a 6 table (12 teams) duplicate rotation where pairs play either NS or EW, but not both?


This would be a Mitchell movement.

The Mitchell movement works like this.

All NS pairs remain stationary all rounds.

After each round all EW pairs move up one table.

After each round all boards move down one table.

With an even number of tables only (6, 8, 10)
All EW pairs skip one table at the half way point of the movement (at Round 4 with 6 tables, at Round 5 with 8 tables, etc.).

With an odd number of tables the movement flows perfectly. But with an even number of tables the EW pairs need to skip one table halfway through the movement, otherwise they would run into boards they have played already.

If you wish to use a full set of boards aim to have between 18 and 24 boards in play.
Place therefore 4 boards on each table for a 6-table Mitchell (total = 24 boards, but 20 boards played due to the skip).

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