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Hi - Could you help with this please.
Me-   S-QJT8; H-      ; D- K9853; C - AKQ6
Part- S-A4  ; H-KQJT6 ; D- T2   ; C - JT83
Bidding went Me -1D Par 1H me 1S p 2NT me 3C Pass
We had a bottom as most others were in 3NT

I thought my 3C was a forcing bid to see if we had communication between the hands to reach 3NT as I was "worried" about getting to and fro and expected part to bid something.
Our local best player said that he would expect a 3 level bid to be forcing.
On the internet I've seen two variations.
1 - New suit bid is forcing.
2 - If partner has bid NT then new suit is not necessarily     
Would let me know which is "correct" or better in your experience
but initially I "hope" you may recommend #1 -" New suit is forcing"

Look forward to your advice
Thanks mike


The common treatment is that a bid of the fourth suit by opener at the 3 level is forcing to game. However, even partnerships who choose not to have this agreement certainly play the bid as forcing for at least one round. Therefore the 3C bid should be treated as forcing.

If you just had a minimum opening bid (replace the king of clubs with a low club) you would just pass 2NT and hope for the best. In this case, you could have just bid 3NT but bidding 3C was ok. Your hand could conceivably been somewhat stronger than it actually was and you still might have bid 3C. If you replace your king of diamonds with the ace then 6C is actually a reasonable contract (although bidding it would be quite difficult). In any event, 3C is definitely forcing and describes your three suited hand plus extra values above a minimum opening bid. Partner, having no worries at all about the quality of his heart stopper, should then bid 3NT.  

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I can answer questions on bidding and on cardplay with the caveat that the former may necessarily involve some subjectivity. I have been playing tournament bridge for over 20 years and I have won several regional tournaments.

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