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S.         W.         N.         E
1h.        3d.         End

If 3d is semi-preemptive and a 3 h bid by W would show a full-blooded limit raise to 3d, what would 2d mean?

Secondly, the bidding goes 1c - p- 1h - 1s - 2s

Does 2s ask for a stopper in spades, or show a good raise in hearts?

Many thanks


The full limit raise (or better) hand should be described by bidding 2H, not 3H. A 3H bid could easily result in the auction getting unnecessarily too high.

A bid of 2D should just show a standard single raise...6-9 points with four or more diamonds but not as distributional as a 3D bid would be. Also you would not have a spade suit or you would bid 1S or make a negative double instead.

1C-P-1H-1S-2S the 2S cuebid shows a strong hand. Actually, it probably does not guarantee heart support since opener could have bid 2H (minimum hand), 3H (16-18) or 4H (19-21). It is somewhat ambiguous but frequently the bid is made with a hand such as xx, Ax, AKx, AKJxxx which is too strong for a jump to 3C but for which no other bid would be accurate. Responder should then certainly bid notrump if he does have a spade stopper.  

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